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France - Paths of decorative concrete

Lake Bourget, in the Savoy region of the French Alps, is the largest natural lake created by glaciation in France.

Date of the news: August 2017

Visitors can now take the fullest advantage of the exceptional setting by strolling along stamped concrete from the Stylperf rang that imitates wood. What better way to combine nature and durability and blend into the environment !

Vicat's range of Stylperf decorative concretes can provide a great range of textures, looks, and colors to express one's creativité. Stylperf Empreinte stamped concrete is obtained by pressing a patterned stamping mat into the concrete while it is still "green" (fresh) ... which does not prevent it being colored beforehand ! It faithfully mimics a great many natural mateirals in customized colors. It can be used for all kinds of external work, chiefly structural delineation of urban paving or embellishment of both public and private areas. 

Vicat's value added : 

Aesthetic concretes need special know-how, not juste for placement but also for supply process, through quality control and deliveries of regular consistency. Béton Vicat works with specialist concreters to ensure that the aesthetic requirements of its decorative concretes are strictly adhered to.