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Defi.Thermicat : First self-consolidating thermal concrete

The thermal concrete the Group started developing in the early 2010s is now in step with the latest regulatory changes and thermal requirements. Béton Vicat has launched Defi.Thermicat, the first self-consolidating concrete with thermal properties made with local products.

Date of the news: March 2017

Early in 2015 Béton Vicat launched Defi.Thermicat, the first selfconsolidating concrete with thermal properties. 


Defi.Thermicat is a lightweight structural concrete. It reduced weight gives it thermal insulation properties four times better than standard concretes. While it is not an outright alternative to insulants, its use in conjunction with internal insulation systems reduces the heat loss of the building envelope by 23%.


Simple material, simplified placement

“Being self-consolidating means it is easy to place and fills forms well. In addition, its stability when wet guarantees the uniformity of its mechanical and thermal properties throughout the works and enables it to be pumped. These are definitely competitive technical advantages”, explains the deputy technical manager for Béton Vicat.


After industrial testing at the Béton Vicat batching plant in Châtillon sur Chalaronne, the first deliveries of Defi.Thermicat were made from the Fréjus plant in April 2015. Things have moved on since then : the crews in the field (Béton Vicat and Sigma Béton) have continued to optimize the product, reinforcement adherence tests have been performed, along with acoustic testing at the CSTB building research establishment.


Right now, around twenty projects using the concrete are in progress. They include the construction of four buildings in the Vaise neighborhood of Lyons, where work began last September. The project requires 12,000 m3 of concrete, including 1,300 m3 of Defi.Thermicat batched at the Décines plant in the city’s eastern suburbs. Casting of the external walls of the first building began in February, using Defi.Thermicat and a coat of render, then the following month for the walls of the second building, where the Defi.Thermicat was cast in patterned forms. Handover of the project is scheduled for March 2017.