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France - Turning area built post-haste

Roads contractor Aximum was appointed to build a truck turning and parking area at the UPS logistics center in Meyzieu, in the Lyons metropolitan area.

Date of the news: Juillet 2016
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A 20-cm-thick 6,000‑m² concrete slab

The project required pouring a 20-cm-thick 6,000‑m² concrete slab, an operation that was carried out as six pours of 200 m3 achieving regularity and uniformity across the entire area. Each pour had to be completed before noon so that the Aximum workcrews had time to move and reconfigure the finishing machine for the next day’s pour.


Vicat solution

Béton Vicat delivered 1,200 m3 of a BC5  XF2 350kg D22 S2 Stylperf mix suitable for a brushed finish.



The difficulty lay in meeting the pace of deliveries, for discharge times were extremely fast. Since the concrete was likely to harden—a risk accentuated by hot weather and the cement content—the finisher could not stop. The Décines batching plant was chosen to supply the project, with the Meyzieu plant in backup. Personnel from Villeurbanne managed deliveries.



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