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A new Vicat terminal in Mumbai (India)

Vicat Group, established in India since 2008, strengthens its position by investing in a new terminal in Mumbai, inaugurated on August 20.

Date of the news: August 2018

Vicat Kalburgi cement plant set up a new logistic organization to meet customers’ growing requirements in this area : Mumbai terminal. India’s financial and commercial capital, Mumbai concentrates 35 of the global cement needs of Maharashtra (Western state of India).

Operational  since  the beginning of August, this terminal can forward 1,2 million tons cement per year. It also can store up to 12 00 tons, to answer customers’ urgent needs in less than 24h. This facility, supplied by bulk trains dispatches cement to Mumbai market by trucks, in bulk or in sacks. The terminal was built in the strict respect of environmental and security norms. Operations are completely automatized thanks to the integration of RFID and GPS technologies, as a brand new approach to answer Mumbai’s logistical challenges.

Vicat Group therefore owns two terminals in India.