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The Vicat Group focuses on finding practical ways to show our respect for the environment. The Group has developed innovative processes to preserve or reconstruct natural habitats, protect endangered species, and recycle waste to create greener, high-performance products. 

Vicat also constantly evaluates its own consumption of natural resources as well as its greenhouse gas emissions. This ongoing commitment has led to the implementation of plans to reduce pollution, recycle used water and other changes that benefit the environment.

Alternative Fuels

The Vicat Group allocates an increasing share of its energy usage to fuel alternatives.

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Integration of quarries into the surrounding environment

From the well-planned and respectful integration of quarries to the re-development of sites during and after operations, the Vicat Group always seeks to promote sound environmental principles.

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Reduction of environmental threats

Vicat continually works on reducing the environmental impact that may be caused by its industrial activities.

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Management of water and greenhouse gases

Vicat pays careful attention to its water consumption and controls emissions of greenhouse gases.

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CSR Report

The Vicat Corporate Social Responsibily report presents the results produced by the Vicat Group’s corporate, social and environmental responsibility policy on the basis of relevant indicators in respect of its activities and its environment.

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