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The material hauling specialists of SATM deploy a fleet of 1,000 vehicles at major sites in France and abroad.

Positions we are currently recruiting for:

  • sales engineer
  • QSE engineer (Quality Safety Environment)
  • site/plant supervisor
  • machine operator and driver

Your skills:

  • engineers: engineering school degree
  • site/plant supervisors: at least two years of advanced education in industrial maintenance, mechanics and electricity
  • machine operator and drivers: all profiles

Jobs spotlight:

Sales engineers


Monitoring a project, from start through to finish:

  • participation in the study of pricing set forth in the call for tender
  • sales negotiations
  • setting up concrete plant organization: erecting plan, earthwork, civil engineering and assembly
  • monitoring formulation studies
  • developing the concrete at the plant
  • starting delivery, operation, recruitment of staff, management and quality - safety - environment follow-up
  • teardown of facilities and wrap-up at the end of the site

Profile sought:

  • hardworking, diligent
  • independent worker
  • adapts well to changing circumstances
  • team player

Necessary experience:

  • engineering degree, including training in civil engineering/construction
  • experience in materials or construction/concrete
  • beginners accepted

Francis, sales engineer
"I first joined the Group in 1991 as a member of the Construction Concrete Technical Department, to handle short assignments in the various massive rock quarries for a year. Then from 1992 to 2002, at Béton Rhône-Alpes, I worked as both operations manager and sector director. Since then, I have been working as sales engineer in Capital Works. We contribute to benchmark projects, mainly roads, motorways and railways. Building sites are assessed as lasting two to three years. It’s really satisfying to see a project through and to work in partnership with a whole lot of related lines of business. It’s an exciting job. It’s very varied, since no building site is ever quite the same. The sales engineer’s position is closely related to the building site, as you monitor all the different phases."

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A fleet of 1,000 vehicles

3 transport modes

10 offices in France

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