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The Performance and Investment Department focuses on the Cement business. The department manages investment in connection with cement, greenfield and brownfield plants. The department’s role is to provide support for plants and project managers as they increase workshop capacity and develop renewable and combustible energy sources.

Positions we are currently recruiting for

  • grinding specialist
  • baking specialist
  • maintenance coordinator
  • process engineer
  • electrical engineer

Your skills:

  • engineering background
  • general training

Jobs spotlight:

Process engineers

With one to three years’ experience at the plant, the process engineer possesses a well-rounded understanding of the business. Independent, capable of coming up with hard-hitting proposals, he works in close collaboration with suppliers and the plant's staff, deploying his considerable interpersonal and communication skills.


The process engineer will enhance his potential by:

  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of the cement manufacturing process
  • Acquiring a firm grasp of computational tools
  • Studying varied and complex subjects in close collaboration with Vicat plants, manufacturers and specialists
  • Leveraging knowledge of existing processes and technologies used by manufacturers
  • Becoming familiar with plants in different countries, as well as local cultures and languages

The position may be a springboard to become:

  • plant performance director
  • Vicat expert or specialist in a given field, such grinding or baking

Profile sought:

  • enjoys working in the field
  • sense of initiative
  • capacity for analytical thinking
  • detail-oriented, hardworking

Necessary experience:

  • engineering degree
  • knowledge of chemistry and thermodynamics
  • beginners accepted

Marcel, grinding expert

"With 20 years’ experience behind me, Vicat took me on in 1992 to work as new project works manager, then plant performance director in Grenoble from 2000 to 2004. I have now joined the Performance and Investment Department (PID) as grinding expert. My work covers many spheres of action including the start-up of new facilities, developing new techniques, boosting plant performance and troubleshooting for complex processes. I deal with 86 grinders spread over 20 sites. As a result I have traveled all over the world and acquired leading-edge knowledge in many fields. Working on all these sites has given me a very thorough grasp of processes and technologies, which is the best way to learn. My job is really exciting and I love working for a company that’s expanding."

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