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The world's most frequently used man-made material, concrete is a composite building material found in many construction projects. This segment of the Vicat Group's business includes a large range of products and services, requiring employees from numerous competencies, including business, marketing, product formulation, logistics, maintenance, quality control, security and environmental conservation.

Concrete positions we are recruiting for:

  • manager of special concrete products
  • technical manufacturing agent/officer
  • individual in charge of operations
  • chief of sector

Your competencies

  • business school graduate
  • engineering school graduate
  • UTD (university technology diploma), ATC (advanced technician’s certificate): civil engineering, materials, marketing techniques

Jobs spotlight:

Chief of sector

Duties and responsibilities:

  • directs concrete plant network in a given market 
  • has business mastery of the sector
  • manages production and logistics
  • leads business and operating teams

Profile of candidate:

  • field experience
  • communication skills
  • client-oriented business talents and skills
  • strong organizational sense
  • ability to manage and lead a team


  • bachelor's or advanced degree
  • five to ten years of industry experience
  • basic technical knowledge in the construction field


Nicolas has completed a 2 year University course and recently completed the BADGE training

Nicolas has completed a 2 year University course and recently completed the BADGE training

 Nicolas (left), chief of sector

"I have been attracted to the job of chief of sector for a long time. I started as a business representative for special concrete products with the Vicat Group in 2004, and I had the chance to progress in my career within a structure allowing me to evolve rapidly. Today, I am responsible for a group of 24 people. For me, managing people is a daily challenge where team work and the establishment of relationships are key success factors."

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248 concrete units

7,7 millions of products m3 

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