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Vicat laboratories and expertise

The Vicat Group brings together all of its research resources for the design, development and quality control of products in the Louis Vicat Technical Centre at L’Isle d’Abeau near Lyon.

  • A basic research lab

Dedicated to basic research, the Materials and Microstructures Laboratory (MML) consists of 21 researchers and technicians; the lab is outfitted with the latest high-performance equipment and technology. The MML has established numerous partnerships with research centers and engineering schools such as the Institut polytechnique of Grenoble, as well as with large industrial groups. 

MML's mission focuses on:

  • product expertise - expanding our knowledge base through the study of cement production (cooking, emission factors, etc.), hardened concrete (constituents, pathological elements) and aggregates (chemistry, mineralogy).
  • methods expertise - leading to the establishment of norms and standards as well as operating modes in each of the Group's activities.
  • technical assistance to clients 
  • technical assistance to Vicat's plants
  • the quality control system - with a view toward obtaining NF and CE certificates, the production of technical sheets, and the support of Vicat Group sites in obtaining ISO 9000 certification.
  • monitoring and intellectual property 

The lab's work includes analyzing scientific papers and industry patents related to the company's main areas of focus. It's also involved in drafting patent applications coming from R&D, with the intention of increasing Vicat's patent portfolio.

  •  Two application laboratories


To remain closely connected to its clients, Sigma Béton, a subsidiary of Vicat, maintains a network of regional testing laboratories dedicated to the formulation of concrete. Their objectives are to develop new product innovations, find ways to integrate into high-performance construction systems, promote environmental sustainability, ease of use, and the management of concrete and aggregates. One successful outcome has been the development of self-compacting (or self-placing) concrete. Sigma Béton also makes use of mobile laboratories to monitor all large construction sites (tunnels, viaducts, TGV rail lines). Sigma Béton also has a Research and Development facility and a center for development.
more on www.sigma-beton.fr  

Vicat Industrial Products (VIP) is a subsidiary of Vicat; it has operates a laboratory for the formulation and characterization of secondary work products: adherence products, façade coatings and external thermal insulation systems ... these products are often used in the construction of low-energy consumption buildings 
more on www.vpi.vicat.fr

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