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Research and development


Vicat's Research and Development team drives the business activities of the Vicat Group in our constant quest to produce the best possible products, at a sensible cost. 

Cement -- Vicat's core business -- occupies a predominant position in the company's research, while concrete and secondary products such as hydraulics compliment Vicat's focus on innovation, quality and respect for the environment.

The Research and Development department of Vicat is located on one site: the Louis Vicat Technical Centre in L’Isle d’Abeau. Its mission is to find ways to ensure that each Vicat product is environmentally sound, safe, high-performance and easy to use. The actionable intelligence gained from its work informs and is at the center of all of the Vicat Group's activities.


The R&D team develops new products that are state-of-art, easy to use, and show respect for the environment.

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Laboratories and expertise

The Vicat Group brings together all of its research resources for the design, development and quality control of products in a single location.

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In the Materials and Microstructure Laboratory, Vicat's research activity leverages human intelligence and high-tech tools. 

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