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All the Vicat Group's businesses advance the art of construction.



Cement: from historic know-how to today's constructive solutions

The Vicat Group produces a wide range of artificial cements meeting every building requirement. The Group has annual cement production capacity of 30 million metric tons.


Aggregate: natural local materials

Aggregate is a wholly natural ressource used as a raw material for sustainable construction. The range of Vicat aggregate consists of local products extracted from local mineral resources.

Viaduc Saint-Paul à la Réunion

Viaduc Saint-Paul à la Réunion (photo H. Douris)




Concrete: innovative, easy-to-use, high-performance solutions serving sustainable construction

Whether for decorative, self-consolidating, or achitectural concretes, for roads, for bridges, etc., in full compliance with environmental requisites of quality and safety, Vicat offers a full range of ready-mixed concrete meeting the specific requirements of every project.


Finishing products

VPI, a Group subsidiary specializing in finishing products for the building industry, designs, manufactures, and markets a full range of mineral-based adhesives, wall coatings, and premixed mortars for the building professionals, civil works contractors, and do-it-yourselfers. These innovative products combine performance and ease of application for repair, protection, insulation, and decoration jobs..


Mineral additives 

Condensil is a benchmark for concrete additives. It markets ultrafine additives used by large construction contractors throughout Europe.



Creabeton Matériaux manufactures a wide range of precast concrete products for building, civil works, roads, gardens, and public spaces, as well as tailor-made items.

Une construction Wilmotte & associés habillée par VPI

Une construction Wilmotte & associés habillée par VPI (photo PERL)




Engineering and quality control

Sigma Béton, a technical center specializing in the study, testing, and verification of all kinds of cements, aggregates, and concretes, designs customized construction solutions both in France and internationally.


Major works

SATM Grands Travaux works for large projets in France and internationally, providing ready-mixed concrete from mobile batching plants.



Delta Pompage provides concrete pumping services throughout France, for all kinds of projects.



SATM Transport is a major contender in transport contracting, a specialist in transport logistics applying a multimodal approach.



Les Papeteries de Vizille manufactures and markets a wide range of paper types (high-security, food-garde, publishing, luxury, etc.) as well as kraft bags.

Opération de pompage lors du chantier du pont d'Arciat

Opération de pompage lors du chantier du pont d'Arciat

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