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Reduction of environmental threats

Vicat continually works on reducing the environmental impact that may be caused by its industrial activities.

Reduction of environmental impact

Kiln no.2’s electrostatic filter in Konya, converted to a bag filter

Major investments by the Group in the last few years to install bag filters to reduce dust emissions in several plants have proved successful, making the Group one of the industry's greenest companies. Pollution is also measured regularly and action plans have been set up to reduce emissions. 

Efforts are also underway to control dust emissions worldwide. In Senegal, for example, bag filters have been installed in the Rufisque cement plant and several conveyors have been deployed on the road to avoid direct handling of materials; a completely dust-free clinker storage facility was also recently completed. 

The Group also makes an effort to reduce noise emissions, particularly in areas around the Grave-de-Peille and Voreppe plants. In 2007, a two-kilometer long conveyor belt was built between the Enieu quarry and the Montalieu plant to transport crushed marl. This facility helps reduce noise pollution and limit truck traffic.The Group is also deploying recirculation systems for cooling, for the collection of storm water, and for firefighting activities in the retention basin before the materials are discharged into natural habitats.

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