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CSR Report

The Vicat Corporate Social Responsibily report presents the results produced by the Vicat Group’s corporate, social and environmental responsibility policy on the basis of relevant indicators in respect of its activities and its environment.

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Vicat is an international/multi-site industrial group and a French family business that was established nearly 165 years ago. The family is descendant of Louis Vicat, who invented artificial cement in 1817. With its roots in history and a forward-looking ethos, its business model rests on the development of products and services for all sectors of the construction industry that are local and support the circular economy. Its corporate social responsibility engagements are translated into concrete initiatives which benefit the countries where it operates. They rest on three pillars:

  • the energy and ecological transition: its cement factories are short links in the chain of the circular economy. Increasing its use of raw materials from recycling or recovery of waste generated by human activities enables us to limit its intake of natural raw materials and water resources. Alongside this, the Group has taken action to promote biodiversity and protect the ecosystems in the countries where it operates;
  • the demographic transition and growing urbanization: construction materials are the foundations for the growth of intelligent cities. Cement is the material of the city of the future because it is readily available, inexpensive, easy to use and can be incorporated into different functions (connectivity tools);
  • the social transition: it remains a priority for the Group to place its employees at the heart of its business as it reinforces its safety culture in all the countries where it operates. It develops a proactive and inclusive policy for employment, training and diversity based on the specific nature of each of these countries and the needs of their teams.

CSR Report 2018

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