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CSR Report

The Vicat Corporate Social Responsibily report presents the results produced by the Vicat Group’s corporate, social and environmental responsibility policy on the basis of relevant indicators in respect of its activities and its environment.

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In 2016, within the context of its global strategy, the Group refined its CSR priorities such as climate change and the preservation of biodiversity by further involving its stakeholders: this dialogue is viewed as participating in order to better understand the transformation of the society and therefore those of its markets.

The definition of priorities gave rise to the development of road maps, action plans implemented in 2016 and to be deployed in 2017. They concern limiting environmental impact, preservation of natural resources towards a circular and low carbon economy, support of construction solutions and sustainable transportation, preservation of the health of the workforce and the Group’s contribution to development of local

economies in the countries where it is located.

CSR Report 2017

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