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Concrete in all its forms

The Vicat Group offers a wide range of concrete products to satisfy various requirements with respect to plasticity, ease of use and application, and aesthetics. These  include self-compacting concrete, high-performance concrete, concrete topping, de-activated concrete and colored or polished concrete.

Ready-mix concrete unit (Villeurbanne, France)

Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates, additives and water which, when combined, harden to form a construction material valued for its tensile strength, sustainability, setting time, ease of application and handling in different climate and construction conditions. 

Manufacturing high-quality concrete involves a rigorous production process. The different components must be measured precisely in a specific sequence of steps, followed by continuous mixing. For this reason, concrete produced at a plant, as opposed to a concrete mixer or manual production, is of superior quality and consistency. This is the basic rationale for developing ready-mix concrete, which is designed for most construction projects.

Genuine technical expertise 

Oxygène Tower (Lyon, France)

The proportions of cement and aggregates, and the addition of additives (such as retarders or accelerators for setting) can be varied during the production of concrete; it is also possible to replace part of the cement with derivatives such as fly ash or slag, in order to obtain results desired by the client. It's therefore essential for the concrete producer to maintain flawless quality control, a top priority for the Vicat Group, whose customers confront a broad array of construction conditions and requirements.

A wide range of concrete products

Construction of the Pompidou Center in Metz (France)

The Group offers a wide selection of concrete products ranging from standard to special concrete. They are developed for specific applications in the Group's Research and Development laboratory to satisfy the needs and constraints of its clients: 

  • conventional classic concrete, guaranteed to maintain its compressive strength after 28 days (strength range from 20 to 40 mPa);
  • high-performance concrete (HPC), whose composition is developed according to specific requirements, particularly for cement content (strength range from 60 to 100 mPa);
  • fiber-reinforced concrete, designed to resist cracking. Vicat Composite Concrete falls into this category;
  • special concrete products, developed and perfected in the Group's laboratories to satisfy individual client needs.

The Group's Research and Development laboratories design innovative types of concrete offering new application options that allow easier implementation. 

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Self-compacting concrete was used for the technical centre of a bank


Elements of concrete used for façades manufactured with structured matrixes