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Production process

Concrete is the result of a precise blending of cement, aggregates, additives (adjuvants) and water in different proportions; this process occurs in batch plants.

Ready-mix concrete Unit (Rhône-Alpes)

Concrete is produced in industrial plants containing storage facilities and equipment designed for the purpose of blending the raw materials in desired proportions. That mixture, which becomes concrete, is then loaded into mixer trucks.

The majority of concrete production facilities are located nearby areas where concrete is used; taking into account its setting time, concrete prepared iat the batch plant, must be delivered to its destination within an hour and a half.


A concrete factory must be located within a radius of 20 to 30 km from the work site, depending on traffic conditions. The Vicat Group also operates a number of mobile factories on its client sites.

A very precise manufacturing process

A ready-mix concrete plant consists of silos that contain cement, sand, gravel and storage thanks of additives such as plasticizers, as well as a mixer to blend the components of concrete. These components are gravity fed into the preparation bin. The quality of concrete can be maintained only if the formulation is carefully administered. The water dosage in particular must be very precise and the mixing itself must remain continuous and consistent. To accommodate all of these constraints, the Group’s concrete plants have been automated to ensure reliability throughout the manufacturing process.

Finally, the concrete prepared in a batch plant is loaded into a mixer truck, also known as a transit mixer, which delivers it to the construction site. 

Manufacture of concrete

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