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Concrete at work

The superior quality of Vicat concrete is recognized all over the world, and used for a wide variety of construction projects.


Centre Pompidou-Metz (France)

10,000 m3 of ready-mix concrete from the BGIE plant was used in building the first so-called "antenna" museum of the Pompidou Center.



Oxygen Tower in Lyon (France)

The Vicat Group supplied all of the concrete needed for building this tower; that is, more than 30,000m3 of concrete from the BRA plants at Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin.


Bourgoin-Jallieu Hospital (France)

37,000 m3 of concrete was supplied by the Bourgoin-Jailleu plant for the construction of the new Pierre Oudot Hospital Center in Bourgoin-Jailleu.


Robert Desnos College in Masny (France)

In line with the reconstruction of Robert Desnos College in Masny, BGIE deployed its expertise in concrete-stamped bamboo.


Nice Tramway (France)

A large variety of concrete was used for building the traffic lanes, sidewalks and intersections for the Nice tramway.


Round interchange in concrete (France)

In anticipation of heavy traffic near the sports and entertainment complex of Chambéry, concrete was selected for its sustainability and aesthetic qualities in building the rotary interchanges and road systems.



Berges du lac, Bourget (France)

1,200 mof concrete was manufactured by the BRA plant of Montmélian for redeveloping the banks of France's largest natural lake.

Aesthetic concrete for Vitam'Parc in Haute Savoie (France)

Concrete for this project was produced by the BRA plant in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois.


Covered trench of St. Paul (Ile de la Réunion)

To facilitate their integration into the wild landscape, the heads of the covered trench of St. Paul were built with colored concrete -- C 35/45 -- containing an iron oxide pigment.


Mitholz Tunnel (Switzerland)

The Frutigen plant manufactures an atypical self-compacting concrete used for repairing the Mitholz tunnel's avalanche barrier. 


Tennessee River Bridge (United States)

Kirkpatrick Concrete Inc, the American subsidiary of the Vicat Group, developed a self-compacting concrete to fill the drilled pier foundations of the Tennessee River Bridge in Alabama. 

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