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Ready-mix concrete


Concrete, a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, water and additives is a material complex and rustic, requiring a genuine know how. Depending on its intended use, concrete must be produced in a very specific manner to achieve the highest level of quality while meeting strict regulatory standards. The Vicat Group produces a wide range of ready-mix concrete designed for ease of use and application, aesthetics and performance. The concrete division of the Vicat group has 243 batch plants producing 8,3 millions Cubic meters of concrete in five countries, France, United States, Turkey, Switzerland and Mauritania.

The manufacturing of concrete

Cement, sand, gravel, water: Concrete is the result of a precise mixing of these and other materials.

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The products

The properties of concrete are different, depending on its use and application.

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Vicat concrete is used for a wide variety of construction projects, including tunnels, viaducts and more.

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Concrete animation


Vicat operates 243 concrete plants in five countries: France, the United States, Turkey, Switzerland and Mauritania.

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