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An industry leader for 20 years, Condensil offers a line of high-performance concrete admixtures. 

Customers and users of Condensil mineral admixtures include major players in the French and European construction industries. 

With two decades of experience, Condensil is consistently able to offer products that meet the varied needs of its users, as well as to provide key technical assistance from a project's planning stage on through to completion.

The company offers a diverse range of mineral admixtures, including:

  • High-performance concrete for large-scale building sites, such as nuclear plants, underground tunnels, viaducts and high-rise towers
  • Ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFC) for applications including highways, over passes and toll booth canopies
  • Composite concrete: urban furniture and design
  • Heavy-duty concrete for use in harsh environments


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Lötschberg Tunnel in Switzerland

Lötschberg Tunnel in Switzerland


Viaduct of Crozet (A51 Highway)

A bench in Deauville made by Arthémia (Allèves 74)

A bench in Deauville made by Arthémia (Allèves 74)