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Designed and manufactured in France, KEPS industrial masonry products such as glue, coatings, comply with all construction requirements of building construction and do-it-yourself.

With a national and international presence, Keps and its partners share their knowledge and know how to provide quality products.

The Keps integrated  form is made of an insulating panel and one connecting piece, allowing assembly of two panels together.

Swimming pools

KEPS is well established in the swimming pool industry with more than 20,000 sq.m of projects in 2010.

Traditional methods combined with modern technology ensure the state of the art in pool construction. The KEPS process can be used for all sizes of pools, from the classic rectangle to the quirkiest of various shapes.


KEPS is well-established in the building sector with over 15,000 sq.m constructed in 2010. From individual dwellings to public buildings, offices and industrial sites, the KEPS process complies with all thermal requirements. KEPS has received European technical approval No. 08/0109, as well as Application Technical Document No. 16/10-599.

The KEPS process is a building system consisting of insulating panels made of expanded polystyrene connected by polypropylene spreaders. The system is used to build walls of concrete that are insulated both inside and out. After assembly and the addition of the reinforcing steel, the forms are filled with concrete to provide the bearing structure of the wall.

The total thickness before coating can vary between 26 and 38 cm given the size of spreaders and the dimensions between the  polystyrene forms (the concrete is 16 or 20 cm thick).

Three board thickness are available: 5, 6 and 9 cm.

Two types of wall surfaces are available:

  • Smooth for glued coatings and plasters
  • Grooved for plasters and hydraulic coatings (available in 6 and 9 cm thick)

A new KEPS product: INER’KEPS

The INER’KEPS system is designed for buildings with outer insulation. It consists of an outer panel, a lining in concrete and metal lattice work. It allows all type of interior  finishes, from gypsum boards to spray coatings.

From a technical point of view, its structure has been studied to take into consideration the inertia of the building and therefore minimize the temperature variations which cause high energy consumption.

From a purely practical point of view, the system is fully portable and easy to install.

Since the lining is accessible prior to the installation of the metallic lattice, technical batches can be implemented in the best conditions.

INER’KEPS is part of a quality approach, for both the user and the environment. Its thermal capacities and quick implementation are a major asset for low-energy buildings, as well as positive energy buildings slated for 2020.


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