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The Societe Auxiliaire de Transport (SATM) is the French leader for providing concrete to major construction works and managing logistics for transportation.

Founded in 1958, its lines of business include building, public and major works projects in France and abroad, such as dams, highways, ski resorts, airports, railway lines and port facilities. 

Dump truck

Dump truck

SATM is a prominent player in hauling providing bulk deliveries, dump trucks, tankers and flat beds. Hauling accounts for around 88% of its revenue, with staff handling over a thousand vehicles, conferring optimum flexibility and the capacity to adapt to market requirements. 

SATM’s hauling activities, tied in with that of VICAT, makes it possible to optimize service quality for in-house and external customers.

SATM mainly ships bulk and liquid products in tankers, building materials in dump trucks, and packaged goods using flat beds.

SATM has obtained ISO 9001: 2008 certification for hauling involving, tankers and flat beds.


Major works

Tulle Viaduct (Corrèze, France)

Tulle Viaduct (Corrèze, France)

SATM’s capital works business involves the production of ready mix concretefor the construction of infrastructure such as high-speed railway lines, highways, artwork, nuclear power plants, waterways locks, airports and dams in France and abroad.

Based on its years of experience and the high quality of its services, SATM has forged a reputation as a sound partner in the manufacture of concrete, the supply of building materials, hauling and pumping. 

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Flatbed truck

Bypass tunnel in the north of Lyon (Rhône, France)

Bypass tunnel in the north of Lyon (Rhône, France)