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Delta Pompage

Delta Pompage offers concrete pumping services throughout France, for both private and public contractors.

The company provides for rent three types of machinery:


Self-propelled boom concrete pumps, 24 to 50 meters long. Self-propelled boom concrete pumps are needed on building sites that are inaccessible to mixers trucks, (elevated areas) or when significant amounts of concrete need pumping.

Stationary pumps for civil engineering and construction projects.

Combined concrete pumps and mixers for shipping and pumping concrete at small sites.




DELTA POMPAGE holds the world record with the construction of the Tunnel de Marseille (2720 m horizontal), and the European record for the Pic du Midi (280 m vertical). Other important projects include: the Marseille and Toulouse underground railways, the high-speed railway station at Saint Exupéry, the Lyon by-pass, the Millau Viaduct, the Culoz Bridge and the Feyssine wastewater treatment plant.


Established nationwide

Delta Pompage has 120 pumps, including 60 self-propelled concrete pumps, 50 mixer pumps and 10 stationary pumps.

The vehicles are available nationwide, mainly in the east of France: Alsace, Lorraine, Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne, Vallée du Rhône and PACA, as well as in the Midi-Pyrénées and Pays de Loire districts.

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