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What is cement?

Cement is a fine mineral powder manufactured with very precise processes. Mixed with water, this powder transforms into a paste that binds and hardens when submerged in water. Because the composition and fineness of the powder may vary, cement has different properties depending upon its makeup.

Cement is the main component of concrete. It's an economical, high-quality construction material used in construction projects worldwide.

Cement is made by grinding together a mixture of limestone and clay, which is then heated at a temperature of 1,450°C. What results is a granular substance called "clinker," a combination of calcium, silicate, alumina and iron oxide. 

The Vicat Group manufactures and markets various types of cement, based on the chemical composition of the raw materials that are used and the addition of complementary constituents (components) during the stages of grinding and refining. Each cement type has specific applications. These include residential construction, civil engineering structures, underground work and the production of concrete for harsh environments or in highly corrosive conditions.

The main types of cement produced by the Group, all of which comply with European standards, are:

  • CEM I (Portland cement) and CEM II (Portland compound cement): These are commonly used in civil engineering projects, industrial and commercial buildings, and in residential construction requiring the use of reinforced concrete. Some of these specially formulated cements are also used in subterranean (underground) work in harsh environments and in undersea projects.
  • CEM III (blast furnace slag cement) and CEM V (slag cement) : These release a small amount of heat during hydration and contain low-grade sulphates used for subterranean work in harsh environments and in sea-related projects.
  • CEM IV (pozzolan cement): This type of cement uses mineral substances of volcanic origin that have hydraulic properties. The Group manufactures and sells this cement only in Italy.
  • Prompt natural cement: For the last 150 years, the Vicat Group has been producing prompt natural cement, which sets and hardens quickly. It contains a natural agrillaceous limestone that performs exceptionally well with a high degree of resistance and minimal shrinkage. This cement is used for quick masonry work in water and in sanitation plants, for restoring and decorating heritage structures, and in ecological construction projects.

All of these varieties of cement comply with specific industry standards and norms. They are subject to stringent controls at each stage of the manufacturing process, thereby guaranteeing the highest level of quality. Moreover, the Vicat Group conducts research and development programs that further contribute to the optimization of its products.

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