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Ambronay quarry’s floating dredger (Ain, France)

There are several types of aggregates, which differ according to their chemical and physical composition, size and density. 

Local geological conditions determine which types of aggregates are available in a given market. 

Aggregates are extracted from quarries and belong to two large groups :

  • These aggregates, require less crushing but must be screened to obtain the desired particle size.
  • Hard and massive rocks that are blasted with explosives prior to crushing, screening and washing.  These aggregates are mainly used for earth works, in the manufacturing of asphalt, rip-rap for stabilization as well as in the development of concrete.

Recycled construction materials such as asphalt and concrete have become an important source of aggregates for many projects. The potential uses of these materials depend upon their geological origins and how they have been treated in the production process. 

The Vicat Group has the expertise and skills necessary to execute all types of quarry-related work, including geological prospecting, land negotiations, deposits and licensing, impact studies, quarry operations, crushing and screening of materials, marketing strategies, and delivery to clients.

Natural environment at the Arnas quarry (Val de Saône,France)

In an effort to maintain its commitment to environmental preservation, the Group continuously seeks to minimize harm during and after operations by installing high-performing water treatment facilities to avoid the spillover of contaminated water, by the implementation of sidings to limit dust and noise, and by carefully restoring and rehabilitating the area.

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Aggregate quarry of Saint-Jean-le-Vieux (Ain, France)


Tests conducted in aggregate laboratory