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The aggregate quarries in the Vicat Group

In its aggregate business, the Group seeks to provide a global response to the construction needs of its clients while securing the security of resources necessary for the manufacturing and development of ready-mix concrete. 

The growth of this business depends upon acquisitions and investments designed to increase the capacity of existing quarry facilities as well as to open new ones.

Investments in this sector take the following criteria into account :

  • Proximity of end-user markets and concrete plants of the Group; 
  • Presence of major geological land reserves (more than 30 years);
  • Profitability in this industry 

This development framework has already been implemented successfully in France, Switzerland, Turkey, India and Senegal.

Maizières quarry (Meurthe-et-Mozelle, France)

  • In France, the Vicat Group owns 40 aggregate quarries.
    The Group is among the top ten aggregate producers in France. www.granulats-vicat.fr


  • In Switzerland, Vicat operates 19 aggregate quarries through Vigier, its Swiss subsidiary. These quarries are intended to supply the needs of nearby concrete plants.

Bastas quarry (Turkey)

  • In Turkey, the Vicat Group operates seven quarries: four aggregate facilities located near Ankara, one near Konya, and the last one located near the Mediterranean coast. These quarries supply massive rock aggregates, except the one located in the Mediterranean coast which is an alluvial rock quarry. 

Basaltic agregates quarry in Diack (Senegal)

  • In Senegal, the Group has two aggregate quarries in Senegal's occidental section (Dakar and Thiès). One was acquired in 2001 (Sodevit) and the other in 2004 (Gécamines). They produce crushed aggregates which are used in the eleven regions of the country and in neighbouring Gambia.


  • In India, the Group has two quarries.

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Les Houches site (Haute-Savoie, France)

Les Houches site (Haute-Savoie, France)


Firsi quarry (Switzerland)