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Aggregate: La Fauchère quarry modernized

Granulats Vicat has equipped its La Fauchère quarry with new hard-rock processing plant for producing crushed aggregate.

Date of the news: Novembre 2011


The new processing plant recently installed at the La Fauchère quarry in Souvigny, central France, will reduce 600-mm blocks of granite into crushed, washed sand suitable for making concrete.

The new plant means alluvial materials will be replaced by hard rock, in accordance with the guidelines of the regional quarrying program which restricts use of alluvial resources. It takes full account of the Vicat Group’s priorities in terms of occupational safety and environmental protection.

With respect to safety, the plant was designed to achieve ‘zero accidents’ in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standard. This means that a number of special equipment items have been included, such as a hydraulic breaker for elements that cannot be fed into the system, an overhead crane and column cranes for handling, dust filters, wide catwalks, etc. With respect to the environment, the plant has only a minor effect on its surroundings: its location on the quarry floor eliminates any potential as an eyesore and reduces the transmission of noise and dust. Technical features (dust filters, cladding and enclosure of conveyor belts) further reduce these effects. Lastly, a clarification system means 95% of washwater is recycled, therefore reducing water consumption to a bare minimum.