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Viaduc de Saint-Gervais-les-Bains : béton fourni par Béton Vicat

Saint-Gervais bypass (France)
The bypass being built around the village of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains entails construction of 240-meter-long-bridge posed significant architectural and technological challenges. Vicat concretes were selected.

Halles de Boulingrin en BFUP

Boulingrin covered market (France)
The Boulingrin covered market in Rheims, in France's Champagne region, is an example of reinforced concrete pushed to its limits by pioneering Eugène Freyssinet. Vicat's steel-fiber-reinforced BCV self-consolidating concrete was used to renovate the window structure.

Musée Cocteau 2 : livraison en béton par BCCA Beton Vicat

The Jean Cocteau Museum (France)
Overlooking the sea, in Menton, on the French Riviera, the Jean Cocteau Museum is a concrete jewel case designed by architect Rudy Riciotti. Beton Vicat (BCCA) supplied the raw materials.

The fountain made of natural quick-setting (Czech Republic)
Children feature in the fountain made of natural quick-setting cement that the artist Veronika Psotkova created on Old Town Square in Mlada Boleslav.

A41 SATM Grands Travaux béton

Highway A41 North (France)
70,000 tons of cement were supplied by Vicat Cement to complete this highway. It connects Annecy to Geneva and was opened to traffic in December 2008.

Réalisation de centrales hydro-électriques par Konya Cimento en Turquie, ciment et béton

Hydro-electric plants of Damlapinar and Bucakkisla (Turkey)
Konya Cimento  provided a total of 66,000 tons of cement to produce 218,000 m3  of concrete required for the completion of these two hydro-electric power stations.

Restauration authentique

Tour Oxygène (Oxygen Tower) in Lyon, France
The Vicat Group provided all the concrete (30,000 m3 ) for this project from the BRA Villeurbanne concrete central (for regular/conventional concrete), and from Vaulx-en-Velin (for flow concrete).

Réparation du tunnel paravalanche de Mitholz en béton autoplaçant

Mitholz Tunnel (Switzerland)
Frutigen concrete central produces atypical self-compacting concrete especially used for repairing the snow shed of the Mitholz Tunnel.


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