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Senegal - Fondation Sococim helps create jobs

Fondation Sococim Industries continues to support enterpreneurial undertakings and jobcreation. Several associations have benefitted from its aid.

Date of the news: September 2013
Fondation Sococim création d'emplois

After its first funding operation — 3 million CFA francs (4,500 euros) for 84 women of the Association for the Development of Médinatoul Mounawara (ADM), a district in the municipality of Bargny—, which was more than successful, the Sococim Industries foundation granted 4.5 million CFA francs (6,860 euros) to allow 108 women working in the sale of palm oil, couscous, fruits, textiles, detergents, and in beekeeping to create 24 jobs. It also provided funding for creation of a purchasing center by ADM to facilitate the purchase of foodstuffs and cleaning products, to provide a marketing space for women entrepreneurs, and to create new businesses such as production of fruit juices and ice-creams.




Association Femme et Développement (AFED), a development association of 120 women in the Diokoul district of Rufisque, also benefitted from funding topurchase palm kernel oil, caustic soda, small tools, and manufacturing equipment to assist its business of production and marketing of hand-made soap which could employ 22 women.The aims of all three projects are perfectly consistent with the objectives of the foundation, i.e. supporting the development of durable businesses that will generate revenue and employment.