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Senegal - Facilitating corporate integration of women

Patricia Diagne, general administrator of Fondation Sococim, has been appointed deputy secretary-general of the board of directors of the Pan-African Observatory of Women’s Leadership (OPALEF), an organization aimed at facilitating corporate integration for women.

Date of the news: April 2017

The general administrator of the Sococim foundation, Patricia Diagne, was invited to an international forum of French-speaking African countries devoted to women leaders that was organized in August. The forum aimed to highlight and share the experience acquired by women in order to help women’s development at the personal and community levels, and to encourage and facilitate the active participation of women in socio-economic development projects in African nations.


At the forum Patricia Diagne presented a communication on the topic ‘Fraying a path to success in a hostile environment: coming far and succeeding’. It was based on the experience of Marame Ndiaye, the promoter of the Kaay Baakh women’s advancement group, an initiative that processes cereals in Rufisque. At the end of the workshops, a number of recommendations were adopted, including the creation of a Pan-African Observatory of Women’s Leadership (OPALEF). Catherine Samba-Panza, the former interim President of the Central African Republic, was appointed chair, and Patricia Diagne was appointed deputy secretary-general of OPALEF’s board of directors.