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INFRAMUR® - Highly effective retaining wall

The INFRAMUR® precast concrete retaining wall developed by Creabeton Matériaux simplifies work for consolidating slopes and leveling uneven ground. The innovative system also cuts construction time and costs.

Date of the news: May 2017

When a flat zone has to be created on sloping land, soil must be excavated and a solidly anchored concrete wall must be built to hold back the earth on the uphill side. Removing soil, concreting the foundation for the wall, then concreting the wall itself, waiting for the concrete to set and acquire the required strength, then backfilling behind it all takes about eleven weeks. With the new INFRAMUR® retaining wall system, this is now reduced to just three weeks.  


The system developed, tested, and patented by Creabeton Matériaux consists of a precast concrete retaining wall module and its anchor unit. It is produced to customized dimensions in the Creabeton Matériaux casting plant and delivered to construction sites ready for installation. All it takes is a concrete foundation, cast beforehand, and a mobile crane. The uphill side can be backfilled immediately and the wall can be loaded to 100% of its capacity without delay.


Copyright Creabeton Matériaux

Copyright Creabeton Matériaux


In practice INFRAMUR® is effective from every angle. Its foundation excavations are substantially narrower than those for a cast‑in‑place retaining wall, and the volume of foundation concrete is substantially lower. Apart from the earthmoving advantage, the system is ideally suited to very cramped sites. In addition, the wall can be built as soon as the foundation concrete has set. With two groundsmen, the crane operator can install up to three INFRAMUR® modules per hour, including connecting them together with galvanized steel plates. Each unit is 2.45 m wide, from 2 to 5.6 m high, and from 22 to 30 cm thick. INFRAMUR® can therefore be used practically anywhere, for road construction, around homes, or on farms. As with all retaining walls, good planning and careful installation are vital. Creabeton Matériaux engineers therefore take responsibility for calculating the parameters of the wall units and anchors, while the construction contractor’s engineer is responsible for ensuring that construction of the wall, its foundations, and the drainage system, including backfilling to professional standards, is carried out correctly.


Advantages of Inframur® :

• Foundation width reduced by 1 m

• Up to 50% reduction in excavation

• Concreting time reduced by up to 80%

• Cost savings of 20 to 25%