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France - Walibi theme park paves with Défi Aquapass Amenagement

The Walibi theme park in Avenières, 60 km east of Lyons, lies in a flood plain. In April it re-opened with new pervious concrete paving.

Date of the news: May 2017

A presentation of Défi Aquapass Aménagement pervious concrete by Béton Vicat convinced park management of the benefits of this range of products combining strength and performance. The highly pervious pavement is suitable for pedestrian traffic and can be produced in a wide range of colors and textures. The Walibi theme park chose three different colors (gray, ocher, and brown) to visually differentiate areas according to the type of attraction. In addition, stamped and broom-finish concretes were chosen for the floors of the restaurant areas in the park.


Béton Vicat assisted Elidal, the contractor in charge of the works, for placement of the 5,000 m² of pervious concrete finished with a roller striker and a power float. This solution resulted in placement of 35 m3/day in order to meet the tight schedule.



Vicat’s value-added : Excellent cooperation between Sigma Béton and the Béton Vicat technical department, as well as with the business-development people of Béton Vicat’s Lyons sector, made the project an outstanding success.