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France : Voiles de grande hauteur à Roubaix

When it came to building 17-m-high walls in Roubaix, contractor Sogéa knocked on BGIE’s door. It is an uncommon project using self-consolidating concrete from the Marquette-lez-Lille batching plant. ...

Group : Tributes to Louis Vicat

The 150th anniversary of the death of Louis Vicat has been commemorated by the publication of two history books and the inauguration of an exhibition devoted to the inventor of artificial ...

Concrete: BGIE expands

Béton Granulats Île-de-France Est (BGIE) has opened a new production facility in the very north of France where it is aiming to increase the level of business. The 50-m3/h concrete ...

Konya cement plant helps authorities combat unlawful products

The Turkish authorities rely on the Konya cement plant to destroy seized contraband and other unlawful products.

India: Vicat Sagar, a Very Speedy project

The new Vicat Sagar cement plant scheduled to come on line in mid 2012 is taking shape. Eventually it will produce 5.5 million tons per year.

USA: National Cement is attentive to customers

National Cement has modified its production line at the Ragland plant to better meet customer requirements.

French Prime Minister visits Vicat Group facility

Mr. François Fillon, the Prime Minister of France, met with the Chairman of the Vicat Group, Jacques Merceron-Vicat, to visit the company’s L'Isle d'Abeau site accommodating the operational departments for ...

Saint-Gervais bypass. Exceptional bridge for remarkable site

The bypass being built around the village of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains entails construction of a 240-meter-long bridge, with cleans lines, discreetly across the Bonnant Gorge, blending harmoniously into the scenic surroundings. ...

France - Vicat working for the synchrotron

Synchrotron Grenoble Vicat has been working on the large and complex site of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility since 2011.

France - UMF Challenge

UMF 2013 Contractor Demeures Caladoises came third in the FreeExpression category of the 2013 Challenge organized bythe French Housebuilders’ Union (UMF).